About Niela Miller

Welcome to my website!

Now that I am mostly retired, I am devoting myself to many creative projects and products. I am always open to finding collaborators and welcome your comments, questions and interest.

Niela Miller My uniqueness is my ability to combine my extensive and varied background in the arts, humanistic psychology, organization development , coaching and educational design. I usually provide learning experiences that produce insight and results in ways that have not been experienced before by the client. My recent interest in virtuality has provided me with a whole new venue for teaching, learning and playing. Read on!



My work has included improving communication skills, conducting peer reviews, giving and receiving feedback, running meetings, interviewing, resolving conflict, thinking outside the box, developing decision-making strategies, team building, improving information flow, envisioning the future, management development, organizing an internal coaching capacity.


I have helped people formulate a strategy for getting the results they want in their personal and professional lives. As a coach trainer, I have taught coaches how to use creative, sensory, metaphorical processes to enhance their practices.

Therapy, Counseling, Training, Supervision

As a Gestalt therapist, I helped and trained hundreds of individuals to lead better, more productive and satisfying lives. I worked with many populations in addition to the general public; transgenders, social activists, business managers, group leaders, therapists, coaches and consultants.


I have designed and implemented over a thousand workshops in areas of personal and professional development and presented them in learning centers, at conferences, in hospitals and mental health centers and as self-sponsored events.


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