Something For You

Look on this page for exercises to stimulate new ways of thinking, perceiving, observing or behaving. We change them periodically.

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- Make a drawing using three colors to represent different aspects of yourself or your organization. Keep it abstract. Show and tell.

- Compose and perform a song about your situation which is at least four lines long. Find a way to notate it. Perform it. Relate it to your vision or goal.

- Create a dance which expresses a personal feeling state of yours. Notate and perform it. (Alternatively, choreograph something for a small group which represents an ideal work relationship)

- Write a poem in cinquain form (2/4/6/8/2--number of syllables in each line) which expresses a belief or observation about your work.

- Create a fictitious character, an alter ego, and present yourself as that person in an improvised narrative in a relevant setting.

- Create an improvisation based on a dream, fantasy, or unresolved situation.

- Design a ritual for team building with a small group. Apply to family, task force.

- Make a small orchestra out of found objects, compose a piece, perform it.

- Be a stand-up comedian and present the foibles of your career, clients, work life, personal life. Amplify your self-imposed obstacles and big dreams.

- Create an original exercise that you have never done before which involves some type of creative self-expression for use with a work team.

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