Something For You

Look on this page for exercises to stimulate new ways of thinking, perceiving, observing or behaving.

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Risk and Boundary Questions for People Professionals

Think of examples where you have been successful in taking risks in each one of these areas, when you have needed to set boundaries, and when you have inhibited your responses to the detriment of your client.

Connection- How close will you let yourself feel to the client? How much empathy? How deeply are you willing to access your own experiences to feel with them? How can you use your empathic experiences to help the client? When do you need to remain detached for the client's sake?

Confrontation- How willing are you to "call it as you see it" even if it may momentarily upset your client? How good are you at giving constructive criticism? How accurate are you at sharing observable, specific data? How good is your timing?

Confession- How able are you to share your own feelings, images, hunches, dreams when appropriate? How much are you willing to take in deeply personal disclosure on your client's part? How can you reframe it to be useful in the work situation?

Collaboration- How much teamwork can happen between you and client/organization? How clear are you about the limits and benefits of collaboration with particular clients?

Conscious Creating- How much do you let yourself believe, have faith in the possibility of dreams coming true? Where is the cynicism in your own psyche which may get reflected in your client's ambivalence about "going for it"?

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