Being Alive!©

Creative and Emotional Intelligence Tools for People Professionals

Do you want to have more impact in less time with your clients? Would you like to learn how to use expressive media to enhance your creativity and aliveness in your work? Do you want practical and creative ways to integrate body, mind and spirit?

The methods described in this manual are unique and profound with a light touch. Learn to communicate, think and express yourself with metaphor to gain new insight, problem solve in new ways, shed inhibitions about being expressive, become skilled at designing learning experiences for yourself and your clients, and help others discover more of themselves while you do the same. More about Being Alive!©

Table of Contents

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Workshop Design:

a concise manual

How to turn your subject matter expertise into a lively, interactive seminar. Click here to order.

Counseling in Genderland

A Guide for You and Your Transgendered Client.

This book offers guidelines and anecdotes to prepare counselors to work effectively with transgendered individuals and couples. Order Counseling in Genderland on!


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Creativity Breakthrough Interview

Podcast with Andrea Williams.

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Creativity Talk

In this interview we are looking at some parallels between creative arts processes and the homeopathic approach to healing.

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